Golden Island

Located in the heart of the Bay of Kvarner, the island of Krk has been recognized as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. The mild Mediterranean climate, favorable geographical position and diversity of natural and cultural beauty has been in ancient times the name “golden island”. Cultural heritage has given it another name – the cradle of Croatian culture, and the early twentieth century, they called him the “sixth continent”

Throughout the island goes the 45th parallel, it is the longest part of 38 kilometers, and widest about 20 kilometers. The coast of the island is around 190 km. The nearest land is situated just a hundred meters, where the nearby islands of Cres, Rab and naked; belongs to him and several smaller islands (the largest Plavnik is 17 km, a smaller Školjić only 400 m coastline) has an unusually diverse relief, climbing up from the northwest to the southeast – of picturesque coves and gentle darling over the fertile fields and dense forests with a sub-Mediterranean vegetation, the areas of bare limestone and true mountain landscape. On the island of Krk the three streams and two lakes. Krčka flora contains about 1,400 species of land plants, which represents almost half of the total flora in Croatia. Unique plant “Barbašova woodruff” the world is a rarity, is growing in the world only in the Baska bay. And there are rarities in the fauna, eg birds ranging from eagles / vultures, to the oriental steppe “vrškog Tića”. Throughout this complex contrasts natural features should be added, and a Mediterranean climate – hot summers and mild winters, cool onshore winds from the north / south storm and moist, and pleasant summer-west breeze. Literally, all roads lead to Krk: from the land – through the bridge, with the sea – ships in port or ports and ferries Valbiska, and from the air – plane at the airport in Rijeka Omisalj.

City of Krk is the largest village in a cove on the southwestern part of the island and today has about 3000 inhabitants. Of the oldest settlements on the island (Omisalj, Dobrinj, Krk and Baska) Krk is located only along the coast. A beautiful old town of Krk, with its narrow streets and “obsolete” stone. It is interesting to see Frankopan castle (XV century) in the city center and several excellent galleries. Sacred complex of the Cathedral of the Assumption, V. century, forms a whole with the Church of St.. Quirinus, patron of the city, in which he exposed church collection, and campanile of XVIII.stoljeća.
Discover our island and discover its charm and historical heritage bogatua interesting regardless of the season: cruise through its beautiful and varied landscapes, visit the centuries-old monuments, museums and galleries. Breathe in the health, walking the romantic promenades along the beach or wild sheep rock paths. Swim in clear waters, or bike ride through the whole island decorated bicycles. Enjoy the magical flavors of Krk cuisine and delightful home-made wine. Take advantage of room for pleasure, which gives you the whole island in the fullness of his rich and varied accommodation, travel and catering services.

The Baska Tablet

In 1851, a young priest from Baška, Petar Dorčić found a large stone tablet inscribed with Glagolitic symbols in the soil of the early Romanic church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor, near Baška. The text written on the tablet was of great interest for scientists of the period. It became an important source of information regarding the development of the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet as well as the Croatian language and culture.

Baška aquarium

For sea and underwater lovers, we offer guests the possibility of visiting the Baška aquarium that offers guests the unique experience of the sea world and Croatian Adriatic seabed. The richness and variety of Adriatic fish (cat fish, European conger, lobster, dusky serranus, octopus…) can be seen in around twenty aquariums with twenty cubic metres of sea water.

Boat Tours

Thanks to its closeness to the other Kvarner islands, the boat tours are fitting. In this way you can visit the island of Cres where the impressive village of Lubenice is situated as well as ancient Osor, and the village of Beli, a hill covered with vegetation and houses, whilst under a 130-metre high cliff is the sea, a small port and a pebbled beach.

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The house is situated on a hill, 300 m air line from the nearest town beach. The apartments are located on the ground and are oriented to the south, are situated in beautifully landscaped garden of 400 m2. Apartments are symmetrical and have an area of ​​31 m2. Behind the house is a large parking lot for 8 cars. Walking distance to the beach is 8 minutes, a car for 2 minutes.

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